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Through our alliance with Mel Crook & Associates Pty Ltd, we have developed a Total Quality & Safety Management System. We have documentation regarding Occupation Health, Safety Rehabilitation Plan conforming with the necessary requirement of WorkCover NSW, OH&S Regulation 2001, OH&S Safety Act 2000 No.40, Workplace Injury Management, Workers Compensation Act 1998 No.86, relevant Codes of Practice and is in accordance with NSW Government OHS&R Management Systems Guidelines (4th Edition) and addresses the guidelines of Australian Standards AS/NZS 4801:2001.

We are aligned with Australian Safety Systems Pty Ltd for their expertise & knowledge in Height Safety Systems along with Temporary Safety Netting. ohs.jpg Safety nets are constructed in accordance with BS 3913. (British Standards specification for Safety Netting.) Complying with Standard 2018-100 Safety Netting to EN 1263-1 and EN 1263-2.

If you require further documentation in regards to this, please let us know as we can arrange for this to be sent to you.

K2 SOLAR combines the latest state-of-the-art technology along with specialist knowledge, enabling our dedicated team to develop the most cost effective system for your facility to ensure reliability, productivity, financial performance and environmental benefits. Our warranty and support services cover both the solar PV system and roofing system to save you time and money.

K2 SOLAR will ensure that your solar system produces the target amount of electricity in order for you to achieve your required energy production. By analysing sun exposure, temperature and weather data, we can provide actual system efficiency relative to the local weather conditions and ensure the system is operating at its peak performance.